So you’re scouring the baby section in your 3rd trimester, and you see one of those cute little baby grooming kits with a brush, comb, nail clipper and file, bulb syringe, and maybe a few other items, but is it really necessary? Probably not. The baby grooming kit is usually overpriced, and many of these items you probably won’t need or can get elsewhere. Let’s look into these items and if you need them and where you can get them outside of a grooming kit.

A baby brush is something you will probably want as it will help alleviate cradle cap as your baby’s skin get dry after birth. Some hospitals may give you one of these at the hospital, but if not, you can find them anywhere for around a dollar, much cheaper than in a baby grooming kit.





A baby comb is completely unnecessary. It is the exact same thing as the other 10 combs you have lying around the house. If you don’t receive and comb it the hospital, just use one you have at home. Some hospitals may even give you one instead of a brush.






Nail clippers
You will probably need some baby nail clippers at some point, but the best way to cut their nails when they are little is to simply bite them off. There is less of a chance of you cutting too low this way and you won’t hurt your baby. When you are ready baby clippers can be found in a set with files for 2 dollars.





Bulb syringe
Every hospital is going to give you a bulb syringe. It’s what they will use to suction out their nose and mouth at birth. Once they use it, it’s yours. Granted these things can get pretty icky after awhile, you will probably want more than one. Ask your nurse if she can grab you a few extra. If not, you can find them online for very cheap. Plus, the hospital bulbs work better than the one provided in a baby grooming kit.




Travel Size baby soap and lotion
Many of these kits may come with small bottles of soap and lotion for you to use when traveling with the little one. This is another thing that you will get at the hospital. When baby gets his first bath they will open a small bottle to wash them. Again, once they use it, it’s yours. If you like keeping small bottles in the diaper bag, you can always buy a travel size shampoo container at almost any store and refill as needed from your regular bottle of soap.

If you get a grooming kit as a gift, wonderful. Use the heck out of it, but if you don’t, don’t feel pressured to buy one. Most of these items you will get from the hospital. Others you won’t need right away or can find other items at home that have the same function. Baby grooming kits make great gifts, but they are not necessary.