As a new mother, feeding your newborn can seem like the most challenging aspect of motherhood. When it comes to deciding how you will feed your child, things can get a little convoluted. Many women want to formula feed their newborns but are afraid that it is not the healthiest choice for their baby. Well, we’re here to dispel the myth and to set the record straight about formula feeding.


Formula Feeding: Is it good enough?

While breastfeeding and formula feeding both have their benefits, neither one is better than the other. Each mother must make their own choice about how they will feed their child.


Breast feeding is a great option as it provides important nutrients, helps to protect your baby from infection and can even adjust itself to fit your baby’s nutrient needs. Additionally, breastfeeding can help to develop the bond with your child and has been recorded to lower the mother’s risk of breast and ovarian cancers.


If you are concerned about formula feeding and breastfeeding, you can always use a combination of formula feeding and breastfeeding. If nursing, you can give your baby formula once each day as long as the breast milk supply will be consistent. Most women that choose this route do so in order to give their breasts a break.


When it comes to exclusively feeding your baby formula, this is a valid and healthy way to feed your baby. Most formulas have a great supply of nutrients and vitamins that breastfed babies would otherwise get from supplements.


The Stigma of Formula Feeding

When it comes to understanding if formula feeding is good enough for your child, it helps to try to separate the stigma that society places on formula feeding. It is common for people to offer their opinion that formula feeding is not as good as breast feeding or is even damaging. This simply isn’t true and is purely your choice as the mother.


Additionally, it helps to get an opinion from your baby’s doctor. When your child goes for checkups, the doctor will inform you what nutrients your child is lacking and if they are growing well.


Reasons to Formula Feed

Of the many wonderful reasons to breastfeed, there are equally as many reasons to formula feed. Many babies that have a poor sucking reflex tend to benefit the most from formula feeding. This is true or premature babies that have not developed this properly. Having a bottle will aid them in consuming the formula rather than having to struggle with sucking during breastfeeding.


Additionally, many mothers are not used to nursing and it can be too painful and uncomfortable for them. This is perfectly fine and is a great reason to start formula feeding. Some women cannot produce enough milk as well and stress themselves out that they cannot provide enough food for their child. This is another way that formula feeding can offer a helpful alternative to breast milk.


When it comes to which method of feeding is good enough for your child, both are great options; the choice is ultimately up to you.