Do I Need a B

When you bring a new baby home, having the baby sleep away from you in his room may be a little bit scary. That’s why many parents opt for some sort of bedding in the same room as the parents. Whether it’s a bassinet, cradle, or Pack ‘N Play, there are many safe options for your baby while sleeping in the same room as you. Let’s look into some of these options.


A newborn bassinet is a small crib for newborns. It is usually decorative, and can be easily moved. Some even have wheels on the bottom so that can be rolled from place to place, even while the baby is moving. These are a great option if you have a small space, but still want your baby with you.


A newborn cradle is similar to a bassinet, but it will usually rock. They are usually made out of wood, and can also be transported, but they usually don’t have wheels. Cradles have been a little bit less popular lately, but they were a big in the 90s. It’s a great way to rock your baby to sleep without holding them.

Pack ‘N Play

A Pack ‘N Play is one of the most versatile options. They are closer to a full size crib, but usually come with bassinet option for smaller babies. Some even come with a newborn napping option. If you have a small space, it won’t work, but a Pack ‘N Play can be easily taken down to go on trips or stored when not needed.


A co-sleeper is like a small Pack ‘N Play that connects directly to your bed. This is a great co-sleeping option for anyone looking for a safe way to sleep with their baby next to them. These are the priciest option, and they are not very versatile, but they do keep your baby safe while sleeping right next to you.


A crib is a perfectly fine sleeping option for your baby. Whether you put it in your room or your baby’s nursery, it’s a great, safe way for your baby to sleep. If you want buy one single sleeping area for your baby, this is the one that will last the longest, and can be used the most. If you are wondering when to put your baby in the crib, you can do it from birth. It is always safe as long as you keep the baby’s bed free of any clutter.

No matter what options you choose, babies should always sleep on their own with nothing else in the bed. This is the safest option to prevent again SIDS. The option that is best for you really depends on your living situation, budget, and just your overall feelings about what is best for your child. You don’t have to buy a bassinet for your baby, but it can be helpful for sleeping in the same room with your baby.